Cyber • Engineering • Analytics • Consulting

Company Overview

Inspyir serves the public and commercial markets, bringing a depth and breadth of organizational, operational, and technical knowledge to our customers. We provide advanced cybersecurity, systems engineering, data analytics and consulting services to help our clients solve their most complex problems.


Inspyir has been recognized by customers, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for its cybersecurity knowledge and acumen. We provide defensive and offensive capabilities, including: vulnerability & risk assessment, system certification & accreditation, incident response, security program development, and threat intelligence discovery & analysis.


Inspyir supports complex engineering programs for government and industry. Our systems engineering expertise includes: lifecycle acquisition, program & project management, portfolio management, software application development, sensor integration, and security by design implementations.


Inspyir delivers data analytic solutions for risk identification and threat mitigation. Our analysts assist national security and commercial enterprises, delivering: insider threat detection, network surveillance, AI analytics, cyber compliance, and conformance & transformation expertise.


Inspyir advises clients as they develop their strategies to address their cyber, engineering, and data analysis challenges. We serve a range of customers in a variety of domains, including: national security, defense, intelligence, financial services, transportation, logistics, and emergency management.